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Where do you turn to for help with your business? Often its friends, perhaps other business owners or people that you trust.  It can be hard for a business owner to find the right resource.  That’s why we created Game Changer Business Results. Business Owners can approach us comfortable that we are not judging them. We are only interested in helping them get the results so precious to them and their families.
Business Marketing Test
If you believe your challenges are primarily in Marketing and Sales, then here is an excellent round of questions for you to think about. Over the last 15 years, there is likely NO business we have encountered that eventually questions their effectiveness in this area. Make it an objective exercise.
7.3 Critical Components
This is our most revealing “gut” check for small and medium Business Owners to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their business. You don’t have to be in trouble to take this assessment. Growth or decline will always challenge the basic underpinnings of your business. Find out where to shore things up!
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Discover valuable strategies, tested tools, and proven systems to build any business (especially yours) right now, right here.
We believe, that after a long history of managing business units for large corporations and starting 6 businesses among our team, we have some insight on the chemistry of components in a business. The truth is, no single element or variable in a business stands alone. Marketing effects Sales, Sales effects Production, Human Resources/Personnel seeds the staffing, Finance keeps count of the numbers and sheds light on the impact of decisions. It’s not as simple as this description, because all of this is then influenced by the market and by customers. We help Business Owners understand this “Chemistry”.  It is the Game of Business that we love and we want to give the winning strategies to our clients.  Come play the game!!!
Helping business owners connect all the dots:

Let’s face it, one thing we can all agree on is that this last year has brought with it a lot of change.  People who embrace change are the ones likely to remain relevant and successful.  No one knows exactly how things will be in the post pandemic world, but we need to be open, innovative and work to analyze developments in our industries.  Rather than spending time thinking about the past, we can all look to tomorrow.   It may be time for an updated playbook.  A new look at operations, procedures, systems, marketing, talent acquisition, etc. is the key to new growth.  How would it feel to regain control of your destiny?  Change can be the necessary catalyst to great growth.  This can be a very exciting time for business owners In many ways because the future is just waiting to be created!  If you feel that your systems are no longer working for you, contact us for a complimentary consultation.   Our live laboratory of businesses in the day to day operations, gives us a deep insight into what works and what doesn’t.  We can help you connect everything together to bring you to your new future!

Most common stumbling blocks:
We are human. It’s easy to get consumed by our own mental momentum. We keep doing what we are doing – just harder, faster, longer. Many in our line of work will simply tell you what to do and send you off to do it. Unfortunately, many times, when the results don’t happen, the blame suggests it’s because the strategy was wrong. Not always true. It could be a lack of EXECUTION!  We never discount the strategy element.  We get in the trenches and emphasize successful execution of the strategy. So, our RESULTS equation looks something like this: (STRATEGY + ACCOUNTABILITY) x EXECUTION = RESULTS. Without this in mind, we all stumble.
Learning to take action. Implementing change!

Change is really hard. We don’t know anyone that would argue that point. To address this stumbling block is to remain fixed on the desired outcome of your efforts. In other words:

    • What’s the desired outcome you are looking for?
    • What makes it important to you? To your family? To your future?
    • Does the time in your life make this more critical?
    • What have you been doing about it?
    • How has that worked so far?

Being honest about the answers to these questions will help navigate change. We know this well and we’re here to help.

No Judgment – Just Results
“Sharing learnings and understanding the results of the efforts with peers, friends, and the next generation, is one of the precious byproducts of why we do what we do.” It enriches everyone!
Father and daughter working on laptop. Businessman working from home and watching child
Why you need a Business Confidant?
Business owners often refer to outside counsel as Advisors, Consultants, and perhaps other affectionate labels. We believe the best of any of those is the person that jumps in the trenches with the owner. Not just creating growth strategies, but also solving problems, and helping to implement strategies.
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